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Step into the captivating realm of creative problem-solving at, your ultimate destination for the artful world of Malovane Krizovky — more commonly known as painted crosswords in Slovakia. Solving these engaging griddlers is not just a pastime; it's a delightful journey that stimulates your mind and transforms breaks into moments of joyful discovery.

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Our mission: is more than a gaming platform; it's a labor of love. Our mission is to spread the infectious positivity that comes with solving and creating malovane krizovky because of the platform's origin story is heartwarming — it was created in late 2021 as a Christmas gift for a young teenage girl facing depression. Her love for solving Krizovky during challenging times inspired the creation of this platform. Here, people can create games, theoretically providing an infinite array of Krizovkies to play with, fostering joy and resilience.